Quick and Easy Curb Appeal To Sell Your House Fast

Has Your Home Been On The Market For A While?

Are you hoping to sell your house quickly so that you can move here to beautiful Ucluelet to enjoy the beachside lifestyle?

Well we want to help you start living in Ukee as soon as possible, so we’ve compiled a collection of easy and effective outdoor decorating ideas that will make the exterior of your home POP, and entice buyers to want to see a little more.

The psychology of real estate is half the home-selling equation. Just as how a meal that is presented beautifully is more appetizing than a meal that has been thrown together without much attention to detail, the same approach work when selling your home. So by implementing a few of these suggestions, you are going to increase the likelihood that potential homebuyers will notice your home!

Add Life to the Entryway

A house really needs to have a certain homey feel to it to be interesting to potential buyers. If the front door does not look like a warm welcome, it’s highly likely that no one will have the desire to venture any further into the house. So to give the entryway more curb appeal, we recommend that you take full advantage of some greenery by the door. Something as simple as a pair of planters on the porch can really add the life necessary to entice eyes into enjoying what they see, and request a home viewing.

Planters that are ready-made can be found at your local gardening shop or hardware store. You may even want to consider artificial plants, depending on your climate, the time of year or the greenness of your thumb.

Alternately you can cut the cost of buying by creating a DIY version yourself if you don’t want to invest money in something you will be leaving behind when your home sells!


Add a Splash of Colour

Most preparations for selling your home require you to make the space as generic as possible so that potential buyers can more easily picture their own belongings inside. This is what is recommended when staging your home for sale. But when it comes to curb appeal, you want to add a little pizzaz for that eye-catching effect that will allure potential buyers to look at the home that you are selling.

We must emphasize that just a little splash will do because the colour you choose might not be to the taste of the persons buying, and so you want to make it easy for them to change the colour palate, should they choose to buy the home.

The easiest way to accomplish this is by painting the front door a bold colour. Something is charming about a home that is accented with a touch of flare in a neighbourhood of neutral colours. Don’t stress too much about the colour you choose. Any colour will do, as long as it feels right to you. We have seen houses with a fiery red door, a turquoise door and even a purple door get noticed more after they had been struggling to be seen on the market for a while.

Refresh Faded Shutters with New Paint

Before you go ahead and choose the wildest colour of your dreams, you might want to consider reigning back that bold door colour and taking a look at the state of your shutters. If they could use a coat of paint because they are run-down, painting all the outdoor accents a colour that fits nicely with the colour scheme of the exterior could be a good move for you.

Choosing a more generally accepted colour is advisable because there is significantly more work to be done than just painting a door, however, the fresh coat of paint will make curb appeal more bright to viewers, and will also cut down on the maintenance that the new owners since you’ve already done the job of painting the shutters for them.

Give the Walkways Some Love

Remember when we were explaining how the homes that sell the quickest have the feeling of a warm welcome when they are approached? Well, you can easily warm up the viewers’ entrance by making the walkways aesthetically pleasing.

This may be accomplished by replacing stones or bricks that are broken or giving a coat of concrete sealer to refresh the dry and used look that comes after years of weather and foot traffic. Another rather simple thing that you can do is to clean up the edges of the grass or gardens that are lining the walkways. Clear out the weeds, redefine the edging, maybe plant a few more dashes of greenery to make the walk to your front door as clean and beautiful as possible.

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