Christmas in Port Alberni: Celebrating in Your New Home

It’s that time of year again. Welcome to the festive season of Christmas in Port Alberni, a time of enchantment and joy, especially when celebrated in a new home. Nestled in the heart of Vancouver Island, Port Alberni offers a unique charm that makes holiday celebrations here truly special. As you settle into your new residence, let’s explore how you can immerse yourself in the local traditions, decorate your home, and create lasting memories during this magical season.

Port Alberni Community Gatherings and Events

The holiday season in Port Alberni is rich with community events, offering a great opportunity to mingle with locals and experience the warmth of the Port Alberni community. Participation in these events is easy. Most are open to the public and details can be found on the town’s website or local bulletin boards.

Music in the Valley

Are you looking forward to enjoying Christmas tunes? Two local choirs are performing this December to satisfy your need for live festive holiday music. The Barkley Sounds Community Choir is performing on Sunday, December 3th at 2:30pm. A week later, the Alberni Valley’s Timbre! Choir invites you to join them for “A Rhapsody of Christmas” on Sunday, December 10th. These are two events not to be missed!

Activities at Weyerhaeuser Arena

Weyerhaeuser Arena stands as the epicenter of all things ice-related. This state-of-the-art facility proudly offers twin ice sheets, catering to enthusiasts of hockey, figure skating, and recreational skating alike. You won’t want to miss the Alberni Valley Bulldogs, a spirited BCHL team that promises an exciting evening of hockey action. Renowned throughout the province for their passionate fan base, attending a Bulldogs game is an experience like no other.

For those eager to catch a game and be part of the BCHL excitement, we invite you to explore the Bulldogs’ season schedule, secure your tickets, and discover more about this thrilling sporting experience by visiting the official Bulldogs website. Your dose of hockey thrill awaits!

Exploring Port Alberni During the Holidays

Outdoor Winter Activities

Port Alberni’s natural landscape offers numerous opportunities for outdoor winter activities. Winter walks along the Alberni Inlet, and exploring the snow-draped Port Alberni trails, like the Log Train Trail or Roger’s Creek can be exhilarating experiences. These activities are not only fun but also a way to connect with the stunning natural surroundings of the area.

Nestled among the rolling hills that give Alberni Valley its name, this region offers ample opportunities for winter fun, especially when snow graces the landscape. When the white flakes fall, don’t forget to dust off your sled or toboggan and head outdoors.

A beloved local snow-day tradition is a visit to Williamson Park. Here, both young and old gather to revel in the joy of downhill adventures. The added convenience of a nearby Tim Hortons, just across the street, allows you to indulge in a steaming cup of hot chocolate or a classic “double double” to warm up after your snowy escapades.

Supporting Local Businesses During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a perfect time to support local businesses in Port Alberni. Shopping locally not only contributes to the local economy but also allows you to find unique gifts and goods. From artisanal crafts to greenery, the town’s shops offer a plethora of options for your holiday needs.

Shopping Locally

Looking for some festive greenery? Check out Leave Her Wild Container Design. This store features an exclusive selection of planters, baskets, and botanical artwork. Shayla Lucier, the proprietor, skillfully crafts bespoke planters adorned with intricately woven textures of green. These offerings are beautifully displayed in her greenhouse. Additionally, there’s an extensive variety of individual plants available for purchase, allowing you to create your own personalized planters. This feature gives families a distinctive and enjoyable experience to engage in together.

Looking for a one-stop comprehensive gift shopping experience? The Blue Fish Gallery is your go-to destination. Functioning as both a gallery and a gift shop, it offers an array of handcrafted items and art, focusing particularly on featuring artists from the Alberni Valley. The selection is diverse, ranging from pottery and paintings to roasted coffee beans and bath essentials, making it an ideal spot for finding distinctive gifts. Situated in a charming blue house on 2nd Avenue, the gallery was originally established in 2013 by Cheryl Iwanowsky, a respected local potter and community figure.

Local Holiday Markets

Port Alberni’s holiday markets are a must-visit. These markets, like Christmas in the Valley, Merry Makers Craft Fair, and Christmas in the Country Craft Fair, showcase the best of local artwork and crafts. You’ll find a festive atmosphere, brimming with holiday spirit, and a chance to purchase unique, locally-made gifts.

Mistletoe Market

One of our favourite events is the much-awaited annual Mistletoe Market. This year, it’s making a dazzling return at its new location, the Harbour Quay in Port Alberni. From November 15th to December 23rd, this enchanting market will be a hub of holiday magic and a treasure trove of local creativity. It showcases the incredible talents of artists and artisans from across the Alberni Valley. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect stocking stuffers or unique gifts for the holiday season, this is the place to be.

What can you expect at the Mistletoe Market? Discover unique handcrafted gifts, a festive atmosphere, local artisans, and a community connection. Beyond the shopping, the Mistletoe Market is an opportunity to connect with your community. It’s a place to catch up with friends and neighbors, share stories, and celebrate the joy of the holiday season together.

Decorating Your New Home for the Holidays

As you settle into your new Port Alberni home, you don’t want to feel left out of the holiday atmosphere. Here are some décor ideas to help get you started.

Exterior Decoration Ideas

Decorating your new home’s exterior can be a delightful way to engage with the holiday spirit. In Port Alberni, the winter landscape provides a beautiful backdrop for outdoor decorations. Think of stringing lights along the eaves or framing your door with a festive wreath. Sustainable and weather-resistant décor, like LED lights or recycled materials, not only adds beauty but also aligns with the town’s ethos of environmental responsibility.

Interior Holiday Décor

Inside your home, create a cozy and festive atmosphere with decorating themes that reflect the season’s warmth. Incorporate elements like pinecones, holly, and locally-sourced greenery (don’t forget about Leave Her Wild Container Design!) to bring a piece of Port Alberni’s natural beauty indoors. Setting up a Christmas tree, adorning your mantels and staircases with garlands, and adding soft, warm lighting can create a welcoming and festive environment.

Hosting and Celebrating in Your New Home

Planning a Holiday Gathering

Hosting a holiday party in your new home can be a joyous occasion. Efficient space management is key, especially in a new environment. Arrange your furniture to create cozy seating areas and ensure there’s ample space for guests to move around. For catering, consider local caterers who specialize in festive menus, or if you’re cooking, try incorporating recipes that use local ingredients for a true Port Alberni flavor.

Creating New Traditions

As a new homeowner in Port Alberni, you have the exciting opportunity to start your own holiday traditions. Consider activities like baking holiday cookies, crafting homemade decorations, or hosting a movie night with classic holiday films like Home Alone, It’s A Wonderful Life, or one of the many renditions of The Christmas Carol. These activities not only create memories but also help in making your new house feel like a home.


Celebrating the holiday season in your new home in Port Alberni can be a deeply rewarding experience. The town’s unique blend of community spirit, natural beauty, and local traditions provides the perfect backdrop for creating unforgettable holiday memories.

We invite you to share your own experiences of Christmas in Port Alberni. Whether it’s a story of your first holiday in your new home, a favorite local event, or a special family tradition, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s celebrate the joy of the season together in our beautiful town of Port Alberni.

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