Home Viewing Checklist for Home Sellers


Home sellers often find it beneficial to accept the calls from their real estate agent requesting a last-minute home viewing. While you are certainly under no obligation to show your home on short notice, nor or you required to leave the premises for a home-viewing, if you can swing it, opening your home to one more potential buyer is always worth it. The more eyes that see the space, the more chances you have to make the sale! And while it can be stressful to pack up and go on a whim, showing your home is proven to be more effective if you are not present.

It’s likely that you have already staged your home to look its best for home-viewings, and after all the hard work you put in to make your home visually appealing to potential buyers, you certainly want to be sure that when your house is seen, all the small details that can make a big difference have been attended to.

We compiled for you a checklist of things that you can do to give your home a quick sprucing-up, whether you have just an hour to get things in order, or a few hours in order to tidy up before the potential home-buyers arrives. Be sure to utilize any members of the household, and delegate the tasks!

If You Have Just An Hour To Get the Place Ready…

  1. Find this list! Keep it on the refrigerator or somewhere else that will be easy for you to remember.
  2. Make the Beds – this is one task that can change the whole feeling of the house. When beds are made, it’s more like seeing a clean hotel room. Could you imagine walking into a hotel room and seeing an unmade bed? An unmade bed gives the impression of less-than-clean, and that can leave an unsavoury image in the minds of the viewers.
  3. Grab a box or laundry basket and gather anything and everything that is straggling on floors, beds and furniture. (Yes, the coffee tables too!) Put this clutter-receptacle into the car and take it with you when you go, or at least tuck it away in the basement or a closet. And remember to put it all away where it belongs when you get back! This will make your life easier when it comes time to have to pack your home to move.
  4. Empty all garbages and take the bag to the bin, or if you don’t have a garbage bin, take it with you. Trash is an eyesore that can easily be removed.
  5. Put the “nice towels” on the racks, and get the used ones into the laundry bin.
  6. Close the toilet covers. Yet another simple task that is aesthetically appealing for viewers.
  7. Turn on every light in the house. This will make the home both more accessible, and more welcoming.

If You Have A Few Hours To Get the Place Ready…

  1. Do Everything on the “One Hour” Checklist First.
  2. Vacuum the carpets and/or sweep the hard-surfaced floors.
  3. Mop up any sticky spots
  4. Give the bathroom mirror a shine
  5. Give the toilet a scrub
  6. Polish the faucet knobs of the sinks, especially in the bathroom.
  7. Do the dishes. Get them all in the dishwasher, or do them by hand, but make sure they are all put away or out of sight.
  8. Keep the counters as clear as possible. Put sponges or scrubbers under the sink, and any small appliances into cupboards.
  9. Wipe down the cabinets and cupboards. You’ll be surprised at how much food and beverage can accumulate on these surfaces, and what a brightening effect it has when they are cleaned.
  10. Get the dirty laundry out of the bedrooms and into the washing machine. (or into a laundry basket and into the car!) Also, be sure to put away any clean laundry that is hanging around.
  11. Clean the entryway to the home. Sweep the path, wipe the windows, shake the mats, and arrange the shoes neatly and out-of-the-way.

This checklist is there help you make the sale. Of course, sometimes you can’t get everything done but anything you can do to make your house feel fresh will make a huge difference on giving the prospects fall in love with your home.

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