Successful Home Inspection

Succesful Home Inspection and Mistakes to Avoid

A home inspection isn’t just about identifying problems with the house. A thorough inspector considers the appointment a master class in your new home. Unfortunately, not all home inspectors are created equal. But why get a home inspection in the first place you may ask?

Why get a home inspection?

  1. There are a number of reasons why RE/MAX recommends a home inspection including:
  2. To ensure you are not surprised by major defects
  3. So you can be advised about the various elements of the home including – heating and cooling systems, structure, electrical and plumbing.
  4. To learn about how the mechanical systems work and need to be maintained
  5. Most homeowners are not expert in the numerous components of house construction
  6. A third party can be objective as there is no emotional attachment

3 Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not researching the inspector

Too many buyers and sellers take whatever name is recommended without doing research. The inspection is only as good as the inspector doing it.

A few questions to ask:

  • How long have you been inspecting homes?
  • How many inspections have you done?
  • What are your qualifications, certifications and training?
  • What was your job before you were a home inspector? (Ideally, your pro was in contracting or building.)

2. Not attending the inspection

Attendance may not be mandatory, but it’s a good idea. Just reading that inspection report isn’t enough for most homeowners to get the full picture, most people don’t understand the report if they haven’t seen the process themselves.

3. Not reading the inspection report

Too many buyers and sellers just glance at the inspection report. You need someone who uses “clear, concise” language in person and in written reports. A knowledgeable pro will state simply what’s wrong with the house and what it will take to fix, Mitenbuler says.

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