7 Ideas for Cozy Fall Home Décor

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The Fall season is so short in Canada but that shouldn’t stop you from embracing the stunning Autumn colours and atmosphere in your home décor. Give your home a full makeover or embrace a few Fall elements to add to your existing design; Fall home décor can be as simple or as thorough as your heart desires. We’ve compiled a list of 7 tried and true Fall home décor trends that guarantee to create that ideal cozy atmosphere you’re looking for this season.

1. Fall Trending Colours

The current Fall colour scheme seeks to achieve a warm, cozy, relaxing atmosphere. The favoured colours to achieve this mood are gorgeous warm and earthy tones. Sandstone and terracotta are perfect for this look. You can pair these earthy tones with grey or stunning shades of orange and brown, like pumpkin and chocolate, and even red. Burgundy, purple, and brown florals also work wonderfully with this warm colour palette, and you can try adding some green into the mix to achieve a more rustic look. The fall colours are so fleeting outdoors; why not embrace them and let them linger in your home décor long after they’ve disappeared from the trees?

2. Vintage Décor Pieces

Vintage décor is all the rage this Fall. Antique pieces make your home feel more personal, fitting into that desired warm and cozy vibe. Your home should be a place where you feel happy and relaxed. Fill it with personal items that mean something to you, like precious family heirlooms or vintage artwork.

3. Fall-Themed Soft & Textured Fabrics

The wonderful thing about fabric is that it can look sophisticated and chic but it can also be practical and cozy. Try adding soft and textured fabrics to your Fall home décor like a wool couch blanket, flannel throw, cozy knits, sweaters, scarfs, or woven pouf. Fabric is a fantastic way to achieve that fabulous Fall look with minimal effort. You can still keep your existing set up but accent it with a textured but neutral coloured furry fabric, like Sherpa, or spice it up with a multi-coloured weave to really channel the beauty of Fall colours. You could also try adding a table runner to your dining room table or coffee table for another splash of fabric décor.

One big fabric Fall trend this year is velvet. As a fabric, velvet naturally exudes a soft, plush, cozy warmth and, therefore, is the perfect Fall accent. You can go all out with velvet upholstery or furniture by layering velvet pillows with a velvet sofa. Experiment with fun bold colours and embrace the vibrancy of an Autumn palette.

4. Fall Home Décor In Layers

Fall weather makes us want to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and a steaming cup of tea. Achieve that cozy feeling with lots of layers in your home décor. Layers can be accomplished with rugs, throws, and pillows. Try putting some of your pillows and blankets in a wicker basket near your furniture. This look is not only stylish but is also convenient for when you, or a guest, wants to use a pillow or blanket.

Don’t just limit the layered look to your living room. Try layering the décor in your bedroom. Layers can be achieved with linen, rattan, a shag rug, and other warm accessories like cozy throws. You can try a light or dark colour scheme, depending on what mood you want to achieve in your space. Play with a blend of neutral and coloured elements by layering your curtains and rugs, and adding paneling or small sections of wallpaper for that extra punch.

5. Go Natural With Your Fall Home Décor

Consider bringing the beauty of the outdoors indoors. This doesn’t have to be limited to house plants. Emphasize natural beauty by maximizing natural light and decorating with fibers, like rattan, cane, and wicker. Rough wood, stone, and concrete are lovely neutral Nordic and Scandinavian styles that also achieve this desired look. Experiment with a tarnished look for metals that bring a lovely, soft glow to your décor. Try natural fabric accents as well, like wool, linen, and cotton. Wallpaper panels, floral motifs, and ceramics are another great way to achieve this organic vibe, but also add a personal spark.

6. Decorate With Plants & Pumpkins

Fall flora is so iconic you can’t help but feature it in your décor. Dried pampas grass or faux leaves are a great reusable decoration that can be featured in a vase on your fireplace mantel or as a pop of colour on your dining room table. Whether real or faux, there’s nothing so charming and classic as a pumpkin for Fall décor. Mini pumpkins can be real, faux and purchased, or even created as an artistic simple DIY pumpkin fabric project. Colourful gourds also provide a stunning classic vegetative texture for home décor.

7. Decorate With Fall Candles & Lanterns

Looking for a cozy and affordable look for your fall décor? Candles are a perfect and elegant option to achieve a luminous and inviting atmosphere. Candles look wonderful on a fireplace mantel, in an entryway, or even on an outdoor patio or porch. Try pairing your candles with lanterns, both indoor and outdoor, by the front door or on a staircase. You can surround your lanterns with traditional harvest elements, like corn, pumpkins, gourds, or hay or that extra touch.


We hope these 7 ideas for Fall home décor have inspired you as you enjoy the beauty of the Autumn season.

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